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Hello all,

I just received a shipment of chicks in the mail. They were in their box for 3 days instead of 2. When I got them, there were 2-3 of the chicks that were weak and getting trampled over. I had all of my chicks vaccinated for Mareks and Coccidiosis. I was wondering if these few may have taken on the disease due to weakness during transit or just reacted to the vaccination. Just to make sure I have the correct illness, below are the symptoms I've observed:

- Weakness in the legs
- Head and neck laying limp (unable to pick it up)
- Eyes closed and sometimes watery
- Getting up and chirping and eventually going back to laying down and looking almost dead
- When given water in a syringe, the chick has a hard time getting it down and sometimes coughs it back up.
- Overall no energy, except for the few bursts that occur
- breathing difficulties, stuffiness

Sometimes they will eat on their own, which includes both food and water. I am not sure what I can do, besides keeping them separate from the healthy ones, and keep them hydrated and fed.

If you could please let me know your experience with this it would be greatly appreciated. If these symptoms don't match Mareks I would love to know a treatment for them or any other knowledge you may have.

Thank you for your time!

Sounds like shipping stress to me; too long, too cold. Syringing water can be a big problem; it's easy for the chick to inhale rather than swallow, and water in the lungs isn't helpful. Are the other chicks doing fine? Hope so! Losses happen with shipped chicks, unfortunately. Do what you can for them, and move on. Sorry, Mary
Thank you Mary! I'm not very happy with the shipping company. I asked them to call me from the sorting facility so I could pick them up before they were shipped and sent to my hometown and stay the night there. I never got the call. On the bright side the others seem to be doing well. I've had a couple more get weak, but I'm doing the best I can

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