Mareks Vaccine for Chicks


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Mar 5, 2008
Hi all- not sure where to post this. Long story short- our healthy flock of 12+ years had a Marek's outbreak last fall, and we had to dispose of our backyard hens. Now we are getting geared up for chicks but wonder what our options are. I know we can order vaccinated chicks, but we do not need more than 5-6 chicks. Is it possible to buy the 2-3 day old chicks from the farm store and give them the vaccine, or is that too late? We planned on taking the chicks to my mom's house for a 10 day quarantine either way, since we've had chicks/chickens in nearly every spot of our house, and have no idea where Marek's may be hiding. Needless to say, after losing our beloved pets, we're a little gun-shy. Any knowledgeable advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Marek's vaccinations can only be administered right when they hatch.

I don't know anything about the disease, but I sure did opt to get mine vaccinated when I ordered them. .15 cents per bird? Go for it. :]
We've also had meraks and will be vaccinating any eggs/chicks that hatch. also the feed stores that have the chicks for sale typically buy them vaccinated from the hatchery so maybe check with yours
I have read that exposure to turkeys can provide a natural resistance to mareks disease. Maybe you could borrow or keep a turkey. I keep turkeys and have never had my flock come down with mareks.

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