Mareks Vaccine Need help please!


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8 Years
Apr 4, 2011
Where do you find adult chicken Mareks vaccine? Do you use the day old chick vaccine? All I seem to be able to find in the 1000 dose chick vaccine. Also do you vaccinate once only with chicks and or adult chickens?
That's all there's usually used by large scale operations hence the large dose size. But the dosage is the same, adult or chick.

I read somewhere that you can break the vaccine wafer in parts and save the unused parts in the refrigerator rather than diluting the entire wafer if you want to use some later before the expiration. Once diluted the vaccine needs to be used within an hour, I think. However, you then need to adjust the amount of diluent you use so the vaccine is not too weak (or too strong). I don't know how long opened diluent remains good and whether you'd need to order new diluent to use with the remaining wafer piece(s).

Good luck!

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