Margin of error for broody hen? She let the eggs go cold.


5 Years
Aug 17, 2016
2 hens went broody so I went and got fertilized eggs and ended up with 16. Put 8 under each. Hen 1 who is a first timer was in box 2 and hen 2 who hatched some for me last year was in box 4. I put them in probably around 7pm when I got back and both kinda arranged the eggs under them and fluffed out and sat down. Well 24 hours or so later I go out and hen 1 had stolen box 4 and hen 2 was in box 3 on a single unfertilized egg. Obviously all eggs in box 2 were cold, probably high 40s air temp. Did the other chicken stealing her box just confuse her? Any chance those could still hatch if it doesn't happen again, since it was so early on that it happened? I won't be here every day but I'm going to try and get out there a few times a day and make sure they're on the right eggs. I do know last time I saw her out longer than I thought she'd be and the eggs cooled off a lot and all still hatched but it just wasn't this cool outside at the time.
Just came out and neither hen was in withe box that has the eggs. I moved them back and they resituated the eggs beneath them and sat down on them but I don't have much faith at this point. Should I make them each a nest somewhere else and put the eggs in so that when they get up and come back they only have 1 choice of where to sit? Or will they just come back to the barn and sit in empty boxes?

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