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    We are new to chickens this year and are starting to get our first eggs. My question is can you either mark or stamp the date on the egg? I would like to know some way to know which need to be used first. We have 28 hens so I will be getting a lot of eggs before long. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thanks for the info!!
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    We just put them in cartons in the order they are gathered. You can mark the cartons #1, #2, etc. with the date or dates the eggs were laid. Works for us.
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    The supermarkets here in Maine sell eggs that are marked.

    Egglands Best Egg Company sells eggs with their company logo on them.

    I have eggs from Shaws that have the expiration date etched right onto each egg. Must be done with some sort of laser or something.

    You could always get food grade markers and write on each egg with them.

    I have those kind of markers for my kids. They use them to decorate cookies. I got them at Walmart.
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    We have a very very high tech system for knowing which eggs were laid when (eating eggs, I mean).

    I put them in a carton, and the bottom shelf of the fridge is the egg shelf. The cartons go in the shelf from right to left. So the ones on the right are the OLDEST eggs. When I need to grab a carton to give away or use, I grab from the right side and move the onees on the left over to the right. They stack two high, so the bottom right are the oldest, then the ones on top next, then shift over to the left, etc.

    Since I give away all my eggs each week (I take whatever we don't eat to church or give to friends) I start over again each Sunday putting the cartons on the right. That way I can also say to whomever takes them that they were all laid within the last week.

    Now, when colledting eggs for hatching, I collect them for a week (or until I have however many I need), then mark all the ones set at the same time with a colored sharpie X on one side, and mark in my calendar what group was set on which date. That way when I do a staggered hatch, I know all the ones with a pink X go in the hatcher together on a particular date, etc.
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    Quote:Except that we use the TOP shelf, and go Left To Right, we do the same exact thing! I was rofl when I read your post! [​IMG]
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