Marty Stouffer Pretty as a Quail


10 Years
Apr 19, 2009
Piedmont NC
I loved Wild America as a kid:) I was searching for quail at our local library & the only thing I found was a dvd hit. I checked out the movie (season 9) and watched the episode on Quail. We thoroughly enjoyed it! There were so many pretty breeds. I guess some of the wild breeds are just not available to backyard breeders, right?

Also, at the NC Aquarium they had bobwhites that were almost as big as bantam chickens. Are there jumbo size or are all bobwhites that big? Our coturnix are so little in comparison.
supposedlly jumbo bobwhites are about the same size (or a lil smaller) than jumbo browns. You may have pharoah sized quails?
I wanna see that eppisode now!!
I looked on you tube to see if someone had it there & no luck. I loved watching it:) If you live in Davidson County, NC the library there has it;) I wish they would have some books on quail!

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