massacred & missing!


8 Years
Sep 8, 2011
last week, I had 24 chickens - the ones we kept (others went in freezer), mix of reds, bard rocks, americanas, etc. Today I have 6 left. I found 8 dead ones in or out of the coop, the others are missing. Whatever it was tried in many places to bust in the coop - chicken wire bent & twisted. Whatever it was eventually got in and mangled a 4 x 8 piece of chicken wire. It had three large holes in it, was pulled off the posts, and all twisted up - like maybe whatever it was got stuck. I also found one set of wings - they tore the wings off!

I have seen coyotes in the yard - they come for the pears. But I have never seen a coyote try t get IN to my coop.

I have had problems with raccoons before, and have been setting a raccoon trap every night, but I think a mouse it eating the bait!

Anyways, I also saw dog tracks IN my coop, but it could have been my dogs, as during the day my chickens are free range and the dogs wander in coop to look for snacks. I am positive it was not my dogs that did the killing by the way.

My best guess is Raccoon. Yours? Sad stuff....


8 Years
Sep 1, 2011
Southeastern Missouri
I'm so sorry to hear this. My best guess is raccoons too, but I've never seen a raccoon leave anything edible behind and leave some live chickens unless you scared them away during the night. They are gluttons and will eat as much food as is available. I once left 3 - 40 pound bags of dog food in the back of my truck overnight. Next morning all I had left was a bunch of shredded packaging....not one piece of dog food anywhere.
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