Massive Fox Attack (about 2 mins ago)


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Jun 1, 2009
Sorry for any bad grammar or structure, writing from my ipod and in a hurry.

In the uk and went to close the coop door about half 9 (when it's dark)
A fox had beaten me to it.
Prior to the attack I had 6 ex-batterys, 2 light Sussex, 1 black Sussex and 1 barred rock, the fox took 1 ex battery, I found another dead and took a light sussex (they were only 18 weeks old
4 are totally fine.
A further 3 are injured, 1 struggles to stand and has bite marks on the side, another can stand with bite marks on the side, the third has a small cut in her back.
I have brought them in to the warm, treated it with Wound-kote, an antiseptic dressing and put them in a warm box as they are in shock. I am a student and can't really afford pet bills.
Just want to know of any good remedies or things I can do or them.
Thank you

I will post pictures of the wounds etc some time tomorrow.


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Nov 27, 2008
Glen St Mary, Florida
Wound cote and the antiseptic dressing should be enough and I recommend that you keep using them on the wounds as necessary to prevent infection. The wounds will heal in time. They are in shock right now and all you can do is keep them warm, provide them with some scrambled eggs mixed with buttermilk or plain yogurt. Good luck.

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