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  1. maternut

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    Sep 9, 2016
    I have seven hens 5 months old. Some days they free range, when I can watch them , I don't care to set any eggs, but was wondering if I should get a rooster? Would he make a guard for them or help in any way? Everything seems to be OK now and no noise complaints from a neighbor. A renter lady who likes to sleep late in the mornings.
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    Rooster or no rooster...that is the question. There are many on BYC who swear by roosters - they wouldn't have a flock without one. They claim he will keep the ladies in order, lead them to the coop at night, and there are even stories of roosters who took on a predator, thus protecting the hens. Other members say roosters are a waste of feed and do their best work in a crockpot - that they are mean and harass the hens. For me, I've had both good, gentle roosters and and ornery ones. I've never experienced the virtues of the greatest supporters, nor or vices of the vehement detractors. Living in the middle of nowhere I like to keep one around for the vocal serenade. So, I guess it's each to his or her own. Good luck whatever you decide. :)
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    A rooster is a personal choice. Yes, he may keep the hens in line, but so will a dominant hen. My hens have never had a problem putting themselves in the coop at night when I haven't had a rooster. As far as "guarding" your chickens, most of the time a rooster is an alarm system more than a guard or protector. Again, a dominant hen may also keep an eye out for predators and alert for danger. Quite often, a rooster is just a speed bump in a predator attack. He gets eaten first, then the predator gets the hens. I would say if your flock is peaceful, the neighbors are happy, and you're content with things the way they are, skip the rooster. Yeah, they can be helpful, and they can be a royal pain in the butt. You just never know. One other thing to consider. If you want your chickens tame and to come to you, I'd definitely skip the rooster. Mine tend to herd the hens away from me when I'm out and about with the chickens. I'm OK with that, as long as they don't come after me. I prefer a rooster that keeps his distance. I make a point of just walking through them every day, keeping them moving until I get tired of that game.
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    You're asking for trouble with the renter lady. 7 hens are minimum if you are lucky enough to get a docile rooster, in my opinion.
    I would like to get 6 more hens and a rooster next March. But I need to build a larger coop to do so. GC

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