Mating behaviors of Parakeets

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    I bought what I was told are a pair of Rosy Bourke Parakeets at a swap a year ago. I was told they were young, 3-6 mos at that time. They are in a very roomy cage (huge for a parakeet) with a divider, 6 feet wide x 2.5 feet deep x 4 feet high. They have toys, pine shaving for their flooring, clean water and food available at all times, etc....When can I expect them to mate? One bird is fluttering/flying and it seems like they are playing with each other, almost like one is trying to mate the other, but I'm not sure.

    Right now they have a square next box on the ground - I assume I should mount it on the side of the cage? Should I fill it with anything or provide straw for them to do it themselves?

    I was also thinking about sending their feathers off for sex testing to be sure I have a m/f pair.

    What do you think? Any advice you can give me?

    Thanks :)
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    Id put the box on the side of the cage, increase daylight will put them into condition to breed. You could put pine shavings in the box i dont own bourkes so im not sure how they nest. But the most they will do is take out the shavings making sure there a pair would help as well. :)

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