Maurice has no "Doo" and Murray enjoying his perch by my pc


8 Years
Apr 10, 2011
Branson, missouri
My new fully grown serama I Named Maurice crows (its amazingly non irritating), but instead of cocka doodle doo... Maurice crows just cocka doodle. He is cracking me up!!
I was planning not to keep Murray as I only need one serama roo, but Murray in one day has worked his way into my heart. I have a restaurant utility stand with rubber grip handles next to my pc desk. ( I took all 4 seramas photos on it yesterday), last night i brought murray and put him on it for a few hours while i did my computer work. This morning as soon as I woke up i went to get murray and again put him on the stand. he has been here over an hour now. As long as he stays pointed the way he is his poo drops down to the stainless steel tray. I pet him in the crop area and he does not like it a lot, but i pet his back and he seems not to mind so much. Gosh his feathers are sooo soft!! Maya and Molly are much happier as I added straw to their temp home on my kitchen counter. all four are now eating grain out of my hand. maurice and the 2 girls will go out to their new home on my deck later today, I am keeping Murray on my kitchen counter. Seramas are the best!!!
Donna in Branson


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