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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by catfish/okie, Dec 3, 2009.

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    I came home from work just a while ago. I went out to lock up the chooks. When I counted I knew 1 was missing. I noticed the BO hen was not there. So I walked over the back yard. I found no feathers and no hen. I looked down the back alley and as far as I could see with a mini mag light and no feathers. I have an 8 x 20 run with 8 x 8 covered south side covered. I was leaving them locked up on days I worked. About 2 months ago I started leaving the gate propped open so they could go in and out. I felt like it was best for them to free range and lock them up when I come home. I think of 2 things that may have happened. She could have flew out and then a dog may have got her. Or shes hiding because I think she was maybe going broody and I kept getting the eggs. I now think its best to keep them locked up when I am not home.
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    Better to be safe than sorry - - - its what I'd do...
    (edited to add) hope you find your missing girl! [​IMG]
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    She was in the neighbors yard this morning. They said a cat was messing with them yesterday evening and ole buffy flewinto their yard. They took their dog and the cat into their house. I think somebady abandon the cat and they have been feeding it. So i caught the hen and locked her up. I have to leave them locked up today because I have to go to work in a little while. Friday I will give them all a wing clipping. I dont know what to do about the cat because they have became attatched to it. I may have to see if someone wants 3 or 4 of my chickens because a 8 x 20 pen is not big enough for 8 chickens I dont think. I can still let them out into the yard when Im off work.
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    I only let mine out when I'm home too, catfish okie. I would hate to lose any of them and it's just too risky for me to leave them out if I'm gone.

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