Maybe just messed up big time?


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Dec 31, 2008
I was collecting eggs after work today and dropped one in the coop.Before it even hit the ground 6 of my hens pounced on it and cleaned it up almost instantly.These are 6 month old hens who just started laying in the last month.Are they going to be sampling eggs on there own now or am i over reacting?
You should be ok. They don't automatically start breaking eggs to eat them just because they enjoy one that's been broken for them.

I got really worried about that too. A few of my pullets were a bit confused when they started laying (and who can blame them) Anyhow the dropped their first eggs while on the roost, some of them broke and there was only the tiniest bit of evidence left after the clean up crew got to them. Nobody seems to have developed any bad habits from it so I think we're both in the clear. One of my RIR hens though.....but she's always been that way.
Thank you so much that makes me feel better everything has been going so well I didnt want to screw up now just when there starting to lay.Next time I will take the egg bucket in with me so hopefully it doesnt become a habit....oops butterfingers!!!
I too am relieved. A similar thing happened to me today although I wasn't the one who dropped it...the hen did as she laid it from the roost! There was barely the shell left by the time I got there!

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