10 Years
Aug 9, 2009
OK, it has been a tough year at Witt's End. First it was horribly hot. Thought I might have had a sub-clinical cocci in the flock. Everyone got over it, but I had ruffled feathers, runny poop and lethargic chickens. Now, the weather has been much better. However, I noticed one dom with little yellow blisters on her face. They have gone away, but she isn't as perky as normal. Now, tonight, when I locked up the girls, I noticed one of my Orps had bluish dots on her face. She wasn't acting bad, nor has she displayed any signs of illness. Just purplish dots on her face. I am hoping she has been pecking at poke berries (which she shouldn't do), but I'm troubled. No signs of difficulty breathing, sneezing or coughing. Just an Orp with purple dots and the lazy acting Dom. Is there anything I can do for avian pox? I'm going on vacation in a week, so I need to start any treatment right away. Ideas are very welcome.

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