Maybe sick?

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6 Years
Oct 1, 2017
South Royalton, VT
Hello all, I posted my question as a response to an older thread a few days ago but with no reply from the OP since her bird was exhibiting similar symptoms.

In short:
8 month old Golden Comet, still active, eating, drinking- not sure about laying though since all (we have 6) lay similar colored eggs and I get anywhere from 3-6/day. Her comb is still red as well, but I've noticed over the last couple of weeks that she breathes with her mouth open- more pronounced if I pick her up, the occasional sneeze- not consistent, and some head shaking. This afternoon I noticed some dampness around her nostrils and there is some dirt around but they have also been scratching in the loose soil under some arborvitae and my porch. Important to note, I'm in VT and still have a foot of snow on the ground, and the temp here today is 5 with the windchill.

I'm not sure what, if anything, I can do with no real signs of anything being wrong other than the breathing and odd sneeze. Coop is clean, I haven't changed feed, bedding, anything so can't come up with a NEW reason for these little things. I'm concerned about a respiratory infection (both because she's out sweet bird and my toddler LOVES her, and for the rest of the flock) but don't hear any wheezing.. I've done some research and she has some of the symptoms of a few different things.

In short- is there anything I can do? I've considered moving her onto my 3 season porch, and have the means to do that- though it will totally upset my kitties.

Thank you to all of you chicken-sages in advance!

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