Mazuri feed- how to make switch over?


10 Years
Mar 28, 2009
fredonia, wi
After doing some reading I have decided to switch over to Mazuri gamebird maintenance/breeder feed for my daughters bantams. We have a local feed store that can order it in for not much more than Purina Layena. Also found Optimal foragecakes to try.

I don't want to stress the birds out too much with switching feed, some of them have several shows over the next two months.
Any sugestions?

Cindy in PA

13 Years
Jul 8, 2008
Fleetwood, PA
I am sure it is best to switch feed slowly, but my current batch of 13 chickens (1+ years old) have been on so many different feeds & sometimes were switched abruptly with NO problems. Just mix the two together and gradually get to all Mazuri. I am currently feeding Mazuri to my chickens & guineas & they all love it. It lasts a long time also. I love the way it is little balls instead of pellets or crumbles.

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