McMurray "exotics", what breed?


11 Years
Jan 18, 2009
USA- Southwest
My dad gave me his two McMurray "exotic" breeds from his order. Anyone know what breeds these two are? The pictures aren't great, but the best I could get today. The red pullet in the background of the first picture is the same one in the other pics.
The red is probably a Production Red. The other I'm not sure on.

If you're serious that these were the exotics from McMurray's, then you got something rare. McMurray's exotics are almost always (97% of the time) EE cockerels.
The white is definitely a rooster. you can tell from the neck feathers and comb. These "exotic" birds look like mutts. No offense or anything.
Thank you all for the input. I have to agree the pullet looks like a production red. I was thinking the white roo might be a golden sex-link?
Looks like I'm lucky that I even got a pullet!
That little red hen looks a little ticked off in the first pic and wild and crazy in the rest
I don't know what the rooster is....interesting.

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