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    im getting some duckling from muccuray mcmurray hatchery and i waswondering do you get and extra duckling becuase im getting 2 pekin ducklings. male and female. i have just acheived my goal and now are getting pekins (i adore them so much!!!).plz help me tell me about raising ducklings and if they slip a extra duckling people have said to me!!
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    Get them from Metzer Farms! McMurrray Hatchery buys all their ducklings from Metzer and then drop ships them to their customers. If you buy directly from Metzer you will have better prices, customer service etc.
    I see you want Pekins! They are a lovely breed but be prepared for VERY loud quacking and lots of poo lol. Also, it is better to have 3-9 females per male to prevent overbreeding and possible injury. They may send an extra in case one dies in shipping (it would be straight run though)
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    I've been very happy with the ducks I've ordered from McMurray, pleased with their quality, prices, shipping, & customer service. Will they let you order only 2? I thought their minimum was 10. I've gotten Khaki Campbells & Indian Runners from them. They sent 2 extra in the Runner order, I thought it was because they had to wait an extra week to get all the colors I had ordered. You can always call them and ask them about it.

    I had not wanted Pekins because I thought they were too common. But my young son, who is my Top Chicken Wrangler and otherwise helps me out a LOT with all our birds, really wanted some. So I brought home 2 females from the feed store one day just for him, and they've turned out to be our favorites! When they were little yellow ducklings they looked like Rubber Duckies, so we've named them Latex and Vinyl. They are beautiful, fat & sassy adults now.
  4. Hi! I have a funny MMcM duckling story.
    I wanted to get some 'different' ducks for my Mom for her pond (I didn't keep ducks at the time and she'd always had Pekins), so I call up MMcM to place an order in late Sept. I only wanted a trio of blue Swedish and they were to finish 'filling' the order with Rouens. I got my box of ducklings and there were Rouens and fawn Runners, but NO Swedish.
    I call MMcM and they say "No problem, we'll send the blue Swedish and all you have to pay is shipping". I say "I appreciate the offer, but why don't you send the breed of ducklings I ORDERED and you cover shipping". The next week I got a box of blue Swedish, Pekins, and Runners. Didn't want or need the other ducklings (I think the count was 25 new ducklings at that point).
    So I'm happy, I had the three blue Swedish I ordered / wanted for my Mom. UNTIL I got an early morning phone call the following Mon. from my PO and there was another box of ducklings waiting to be picked up!
    This box was more Rouens, Runners, Pekins (but no Swedish), hahaha!
    I ended up with thirty-six ducklings (boxes of 15, then 10, then 11) when I just wanted three. They all thrived and I gave my Mom her trio for Christmas (and she said she'd rather have all-white ducks "Because they show up better on the pond"). Oh well, I had good intentions.
    My husband said, after I sold the rest, "No more ducks here, please". Then HE brought home a Pekin pair the following spring.
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    I didn't order from McMurray this year. Didn't know they would ship anything less than 15.We lost one shipment of duckling's a few years ago but they replaced and they all arrived fine minus 1 I think.We bought a run of White/fawn Runner's.I have gotten some nice bird's from them over the years though.Duck's chicken's Turkey and geese.Alll 24 of my gosling's arrived with a bit of shake and bake with local postal service a couple years ago but they were great and got them to Us safe!Hope your duckie's do ok.
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    no they let you order more than one cant be just one. you have to order more than 1. i just want to know if ill get an extra duckling for the ride true or false?
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    pekinduck<3er :

    ...i just want to know if ill get an extra duckling for the ride true or false?

    Call them and ask them, you'll get a better answer than any of our guesses.​

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