ME AND HAZEL "the other family member "


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Sep 24, 2014
southeast PA.
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He is a handsome rooster. I like the mutt roosters as much as the pure breeds, but unless you find a show that has a mixed-breed category, that rooster will be just as happy showing off around the yard.

Hazel is cool.
Thx. As this is my 1st run @ backyard chickens was just wondering since my neighbor had comented he'd entered one of his and "oreo" put his to shame and wanted to know where i got him these are just pets with benefits (eggs) anyway we lost 13 all @ once to my stepdaughter's husky (broke chain) if all goes well hope to replace them in spring thx. Again
He is a nice looking rooster! But yeah like poster above said it's more a novelty section rooster. Shows have very strict rules about everything from weight to leg colour to number of toes ! for any given breed. Unless he is a pure bred rooster of one particular type he won't do well no matter how good looking he is.
It's a bit like entering a poodle x Dalmatian in the poodle section of a dog show, they would ignore because it was a mix even if it was the cutest spotted poodle ever seen lol

If you are interested in showing maybe do some research into purebred chickens and get one or two purebred hens from a quality breeder when you restock in spring.
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