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    Jul 23, 2010
    Hi my name is alicia i am 16 yrs old me and my nan, live on a huge home with 12 acers of land, so we decided to get chickens.we have 5 polish crested all extremely friendly 2 you can take in the house. my favorite is elvis, he's my baby, he's orange and black, then delilah, shes creame and white, then cotton head, black with a white head, then 2 babys, now heres the proublem, one black and orange baby, was housed in a rabbit hutch , with about 10 other babbies, now we change the feed and water every day, but recently we have them just dieing, one baby silkie was sick and wet so we fixed him up, but one was sick and we were helping it, when it dissapeard from the garage :S, we suspect the neighbours jackruseel. then one night i had to urge to go and see the babies, one black silkie was done dead!, just flatter than a pancake, and now we have the black and orange polish, now its been the same with all the chickens, we dont kno whats causeing it, they lay on there side with eyes closed breathing, and u have to force them to take water, they cannot stand and seem verry weak, this one is kind of twicthing when i pick her up. its quite sad, her name is jasmine, Other then this my other chickens are,,, 4 milli flours, 1 white silkie( daisy), 1 gold buff silkie , (buttercupp), one black silkie, missie), 2 white chickens( sha-sha and cinderella), one silver laced bantam i think, (lacey.)... 1 bantam rock something rooster named( herculies), and our huge astrolthorpe , hanable. now he attacks from time to time, so when we go neer him we often bring a rake if he sets territorial threats, hes never got me, but he got my nana in the leg with his nails. we have a white and black one named pigion, and then a unidentified chicken, orange... no name.. and other babbies were raiseing were letting our chickens keep 2 eggs... and we keep the rest, most of our chickens are fairly young, accept the astroolthorpe white ones laced one herculies .. and pigion. theyre all grown up,
    and 3 little baby black ones i forget the name lol, there was 4 but heres another proublem, a fox moved in next to our chicken coup somewhere and comes and eats them so we stopped letting the babys and mediums out only our big ones, we dont know how to stop the fox from eating our chickens, our astrolthorpe is there to protect them, he has succsessfully done so, but wasnt fast enough that one time, i really dont like seeing them be split up how do we stop this fox,
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    welcome to the wonderful world of backyard chickens! We have 6 chickens- they are about 6 months old- we just got our second egg today and we are soooo happy!
    Good luck from Massachusetts
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    Jul 19, 2010
    Floresville, Texas
    [​IMG] from Texas!!! [​IMG]
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    Welcome from Michigan! I'm a new egg too and BYC is the greatest![​IMG]

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