Me and my Peas

They came to my home about 3 months ago.Don't know where they came from or how old.I kow they are mating.
I didn't see a train so i figured they were young but the photo is kinda small for these old eyes
I remember reading about a peacock that lost his feathers while roosting, but I can't remember who posted, lol. My memory *and* eyes aren't what they used to be.
The male looks like he is a yearling, but most likely two years old. His "train" at that age would have barred feathers that are like the ones on his wings. In the pictures from what I can tell, he is starting to grow some train feathers. Basically he would not have those barred feathers over his tail if he already had a full train. Bigger pictures would help.
Here is a previous image you had uploaded:


That is what an immature peacock's "train" looks like. There is no way he could have had a full train since he looks like he is two years old, or even one year old.

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