Mean Geese


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9 Years
Jan 3, 2011
I realy don't understand why my geese are so mean. I know geese have bad reputations, but I thought if I hand raised them and held and visited them daily they would be nice. But all they want to do is bite me, and they leave some pretty nasty blood blisters on me. Can any one help please! I don't know what to do.
I know Dave Holddread says hand feeding them will make them mean. Right now I think they are mean because it's breeding season. My White Chinese gander has just reached a new level of meanness. Some people say it works for them to make the goose submissive to them. I think I'm going to cut out treats for a while.
Well, beccause of their extreme socialization they regard you as an equal so they treat you like they would treat another member of their flock. This includes nipping and displays of dominance.
My hand-raised and 'friendly' geese were more aggressive during breeding time than my goose-raised and scared-to-death-of-me geese. Those are breeding and laying up a storm but they still avoid me like the plague. I like having goslings to love on and bigger geese that will let you pet them but not if it means they will bite anyone and anything in range.

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