Measuring dimensions for a coop?

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  1. Willow's Meadow

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    Apr 16, 2010
    How do you measure the width, length, height for a coop? How do you know how much wood to buy, how long the wood should be etc? I am really confused about this. I am planning on keeping the chickens in our barn but I want them to stay in one part and not all over the barn and I want them to be extra safe in case a racoon where to get in the barn(which they will not hurt my chickens!!!!I would be so upset!!!). So I am going to build something like this......

    Only not there actual chicken coop. Just the run part(made out of 2x4 and hardware)!!!! And put it in my barn and use washers and screws to hold the hardware cloth on. What do you think? How would I measure it?
  2. teach1rusl

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    Start with a sketch of what you want, try both 2D and 3D. So will this pen only be for nighttime safety...they will be outside freeranging during the day??? Because that question really has to be answered to determine how large the pen should be. If they're out running about all day, it can be much smaller. If this is where they'll be most of the time, it needs to be quite a bit bigger. But the sketch will help show you how much materials you will need. A standard measurement for 2x4s is 8ft. lengths. So you'll probably want to sketch in 8ft. or 4ft. sections/lengths to help reduce waste.
  3. Willow's Meadow

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    Apr 16, 2010
    Yes they will free range most of the day if they're not free ranging they'll be in the run(which will be pretty big).
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    This is dumb to point out, but worth mentioning. As far as the height goes, make sure to factor in that you will want to be able to stand up in there, so at least make it a few inches taller than you are.

    Also, work with your wood lengths when deciding how long and wide to build it. The most common length of 2x4's is 8 feet but you can also find 10 feet boards as well. You can figure out how much wood you will need by drawing it out on paper as teach1rusl suggested and deciding what your "on center" will be for the wall studs. I would probably put them at 24 inches on center, but you might be able to stretch that since it won't really be holding that much weight, such as a full roof. Maybe somebody else will have a better suggestion, but that photo looks like are really nice flight pen.
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    If you take the picture, and the base measurements you want it to be, length, width and height...most reputable lumber store's contracting desk will help you with a build of materials.
    I like Lowes, to me they hire people that are more knowledgeable. I personally have not used this service (I used to be in construction and know how) but I do know this is free service they offer. Normally for a small fee, they will even deliver to your home.

    Hope this helps....
  6. teach1rusl

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    And then of course, how many chickens will you be keeping?? And are they standard sized chickens or bantams??? If they'll only be in it at night and for egg laying, then you can get by with a bit less space as a minimum. But if you think they'd be indoors more in winter time, you'd want a bit more room per bird.

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