Measuring flight distance and speed

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    For last 6 months I have been working to get a couple of my birds (chickens) to fly a very long distance. Making headway but desired distance not likely to be realized this year with these individuals. Problem is with repeatability and predictability. Both needed to film entire flight in manner enabling accurate determination of distance and average velocity. Birds I have now physically capable but appears their living arrangements were not setup properly. They are expected to fly from one resource (roost) to another resource (food) over terrain that is difficult for them to walk. These flights are to serve as conditioning for the desired longer flights. I failed to position roost and feeding areas far enough apart and repositioning either now not practical owing lack of predator control in desired location for roost. That will have to wait until next year when roost can be constructed and dog on job to keep most predators away. More birds, female only, desired which can be dealt with by breeding existing birds. Male is starting to feel testosterone increasing odds he will go off mission. Then I started thinking the male being a male was something I might be able to use to my advantage. I was wondering if I can increase the males effort by having a fresh girlfriend waiting where I want him to land.

    Anyone ever tried baiting roosters with hens? I figured the male could be trained to expect a new lady friend each day.

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