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    May 21, 2008
    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this question, but I figured I would start here so as not to offend any sensitivities on the Layer-Only side...

    Briefly, we bought 4 straight run chicks who are now almost 6 weeks. Turns out, 2 BPR are roos, which we can't keep in the city. Our plan was to cull any roos by making them meat birds (with a good life!)

    So my question is, can we keep the meat birds and the layers together? We currently just have a tractor, so there's a space issue, and I also believe that meat birds are supposed to get a different diet (?)

    All help is appreciated!!

  2. greyfields

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    Well, in order to get the roos to a decent weight, they'll need to be 15+ weeks and you should get them on a broiler ration ASAP. You could also just keep them on their starter for that duration, but it will probably cost you a few extra bucks.

    By 15 weeks, they'll be roosters and will harass your pullets. This may or may not matter to you. But it will be sterssful on the pullets.
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    Very good answer. And usually well before the 15 weeks. My father now in his mid 70's keeps telling me to process the roosters at 3½ #s. But I cage them seperately from my hens and wait until I need one. Plus it's weight really depends on the breed of bird. My bantams never get above 2¼ #s.[​IMG]
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