Meat chicken is injured


May 7, 2020
Please help!
We have never raised meat chickens before. My brother wanted the experience of "raising" our own food so I let him get one. The plan was to have two meat birds that would be separated from the rest of the flock. When we went back for more chicks the store had run out of meat birds and didn't know when they would have more in.
So we let our meat bird in with the rest. At first everything was great and our meat chick was the leader of the flock.
But we woke up this morning to find that the others had picked on her. She is bleeding. I know it's not a good idea to put your meat chicken in with the others for this reason. I feel really bad. What do I do now?
this is a pic of the worst area


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we raised meat birds with our egg layers , but we made em free range with em, instead of jsut fattening them up without to many issues as they were to busy finding food for their voracious appetite, we only serperated the ones that were overly aggressive and they were processed sooner than the ones that got off their asses and went to find their own food instead of just wanting to lay in the food bowl. the ones that were out free ranging with the layers actually did better because they didn't put the weight on to fast, they even started laying eggs at 10 months old. your going to have to separate the meat chicken and treat the wounds. clean with water so you can see what is happening apply sme triple antibiotic without pain relief in it and keep warm and isolated while it heals up ensuring they are eating and drinking, good luck.

don't let him back with the others until it's healed , or apply blue kite, as chickens will naturally go after the red color

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