meat spots and fertility?


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I just had to toss a dozen eggs that were 10 days into incubation. All had candled clear. When I opened them I found infertile eggs, but most of the eggs had the little meat spots in them...some had several. I know that isn't a dead chick, but is refuse from the oviduct, but would their prescence affect fertility of the eggs? If so then having the seller replace them really wouldn't help...I would guess they eggs would have the same problem.
those usually do not do well..Im not sure why, maybe other people have had different experience with them..but unless they are teeney then they just dont seem to carry through to term..maybe someone else can say it hasnt mattered , but I have been using the brinsea candler , much easier to see those bigger spots and I just get rid of them.

they can be hard to see for a seller unless they have one of those concentrated beams like brinsea. They should try to check befor shipping. they might not catch them ..Im not sure why some hens do that more than others..seems to settle at times then they show up again..
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I didn't think to do that and the eggs are down the disposal. The rest of the eggs she shipped are fine, it was all just the maran eggs that had that. Beautiful eggs and great packaging. If none of the eggs were developing I would think it a shipping issue. But the fact that it was all one breed and they all seemed to have the meat spots was the reason I asked on here. I didn't see any bulls eyes when I opened them. I really wonder about the meatspots causing an issue. Just looking for some reasons.
I think that's actually a really interesting question. My Leghorn crosses are just starting to lay and most of thier eggs have meat spots on them. I figured it was because they were still so new at laying. I'm getting all kinds of odd things!
I'll be following this thread to see if someone knows if they meat spots affect fertility. I can't tell with mine if they are fertile or not. I know the roo is certianly "surfing" his ladies!
Somone posted a while ago a page from a university and it said those should be discarded..they do not develope and when they start they dont make it far..I will see if I can find the article again and post it for you.

One site recomended adding apple cider vinegar just a little bit in water helps stop this problem..I do not know if that is can only use plastic or ceramic because cuder vinegar does funny things to metal containers..iy is suposed to help hens use the calcium properly and not irritate thier insides which is primary cause of meat spots, they pick up bit of that irritation in the next egg. I really do not know if the vinegar works but sure wouldnt hurt them

here is a site for grading hatching eggs..they disguard eggs with spots.
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I think this is a great learning experience. Just found out the seller had fertility/meat spot issues as well. I love learning, so this is a really good one as far as i'm concerned.

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