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  1. I have 10 CornishX now and am considering raising something else for meat next time.

    That can't crow.

    Am I "stuck" raising this breed or is there another I can raise, and slaughter before it crows...

  2. Beekissed

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    Rabbits...big ol' New Zealand meat rabbits. Tons of lean meat and not a crow among 'em.
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    I am processing some red broilers, and langshan roosters tomorrow. When they get big enough, or start to crow, or are mean to the girls they get frozen. I do not see a problem if your processing is flexable.
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    Love the post about the rabbits!

    I agree if you're flexible with butchering times, you could do one of the slower broilers. they're still harvested pretty early, usually before reaching maturity. And, if one does happen to crow, off with his head [​IMG].

    some folks do dual purpose birds on this same schedule--crowing = butchering, but I think you'll have a less than satisfying carcass if you're doing it for meat, not just processing excess cockerels.

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