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    Jul 19, 2010
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    I had a bird get attacked last month. She wasn't hardly drinking, so I started feeding her medicated chick starter mixed in with layer crumbles. She's been off the medicated feed for about a week now and she has started laying eggs (these are her very first eggs). How long before I can eat her eggs or is the amount of medication in the chick starter so small it wouldn't matter? If I can't eat them, can I cook them & feed them back to the girls or will that just extend the time I can't eat them? Can I feed them to my dog? Can they eat the shells if I do feed the eggs to the dog?

    Also, I had a few eggs that we didn't eat fast enough & started to go bad (they floated in water). Is it OK to feed these not-so-fresh eggs back to the birds if they're cooked?
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    My chickens love their "old" eggs , scrambled or hard boiled. They are not picky.

    I read here on BYC that medication flushes out after 2 weeks-ish. But that was in the context of wormer, not chick starter.

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