Medicated feed: How long?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Amatsukaze, Jan 4, 2011.

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    Howdy folks, my chicks have hit the 2 week mark & have not lost any! Its more a testament to the great info available here than my own chicken rearing ability.

    I have another question that a search was not able to turn up.

    I put my chicks on medicated crumbs right off the bat. How long should I keep them on that before I can switch to unmedicated feed?

    Many thanks for any insight!
  2. You'll get some differing perspectives, but here's mine. I run an organic place. But baby chicks, brought home from the incubator/post office have no immunity it seems. Nothing worse than having your little brood wiped out. They'll grow immunity with a few months, but until then, it won't hurt you to offer medicated feed. Feel free to run a 50# bag to its course. By the end of that bag, typically the chicks are quickly getting the immune systems and tolerances built up and whether they need a second bag will be up to your judgment call. Best regards,
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    8 to 10 weeks for the chick start medicated feed.
    10 weeks till they start laying for the grower feed.
    Once the first egg is found (Eggciting!) put them on layers feed.

    If you are raising meaties I think you can just keep them on the flock/grower feed until time to dress them up for freezer camp.

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