Medicated feed vs not medicated 4-4 1.2 month old chickens.

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    Dec 1, 2014
    How about your opinion on medicated feeds? for the first few months of my chicks life i fed them Dumor grower/chick starters. now im feeding them Purina start and grow medicated feed (was the only one available for younger chicks not positive how old they are if i had to say they're 4-4 1/2 months old. after this bags done i should start their layer feed which again here comes another question crumbles or pellets? ill mostly go for crumbles however i'm really skeptical because I've heard very much crossed reviews of corn i don't wanna feed them anything with corn in it :eek:


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    Jul 13, 2014
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    Mine started on crumble so I kept them on it. I think all feed has some corn. I know the crumble i get does. Its really small pieces, but its in there. Some chickens prefer one over the other, but i didnt want to risk swapping feed and they not eat it. Some say there is less waste with pelets, but I dont have any waste with my home made feeder. No real answers for this, like Ford or Chevy. Every one will have different views.
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    Unless you are buying feed specifically labeled soy-free, corn-free, it will have corn in it. The only difference between mash, crumbles and pellets is the form. Nutrition will be the same.
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    If you are feeding Purina Start & has corn in it. So does the Dumor and Purina layer pellets and crumbles. Your chickens will do fine on it.

    As far as the question of medicated vs non-medicated? It really does not matter. Reason being that there is such a low level of amprolium (coccidiostat) in the medicated feed that chicks can and often do still come down with coccidiosis. So it's value is very debatable, though it certainly does no harm. The best thing to do is feed which ever one you want but keep Corid on hand and be familiar with the symptoms of coccidiosis so you are prepared and ready to treat at the first signs of an outbreak.

    Pellets vs crumbles? Feed which ever is less waste for you. I feed crumbles because that's what my birds prefer, especially my very small bantams. The way my feeders are set up I have almost no waste. For other people pellets work better. Try each and see what you and your birds prefer.
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    Dec 1, 2014
    Ah okay! funny most people prefer pellets but one of my chickens swishes the food around and the other eats what she has made a mess of on the floor, ill probobly end up making some type of feed home made i've seen people do that. thought costs the same if not more.
  6. Pellets or crumbles corn is still the base for chicken feed. Pellets have just been extruded under high pressure to make them hold together.

    The soy in chicken feed has merely had the oils expelled either by roasting and pressure or by using a chemical solvent plus pressure so that the soybean meal produced is no longer toxic to a chicken like most beans are.

    One more urban legend to bring up while I am at it. So called medicated chicken feed does not have antibiotics in it. The Coccidiosis organism is dependent on vitamin B1 for its nourishment while it is living in the soil or while eating away at the intestine of a baby chick. The so called "medicine" is a B vitamin analog that like NutraSweet in humans has little or no food value for the Coccidiosis organism. This weakens the Coccidiosis organism which allows the baby chick to build up its own defenses against Coccidiosis before the malady has time to kill the chick.
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