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    im new and want to know. i read you need to feed your chics medicaed feed for 6 to 8 weaks. i have a lot of feed thats not medicated. can i give them duramycin-10 in there water to do the same thing. or am i on the tottally wrong track. or tell me what is the rule of thumb for antibiotics and chics. please help i have 100 meet birds on the way. what to do????????????i have 15 chics from gebos here now can i put them together????
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    Quote:Easy there, slow down and type right- your post is hard to read! [​IMG]

    The medicated feed is to prevent/treat coccidiosis- a protozan parasite, I think. I am not terribly knowledgeable about the antibiotics- but I only treat mine if I see a need.

    [​IMG] from South Carolina. You might want to click on Index in the blue bar above, and do some research in the topic "Raising Baby Chicks". The folks who wrote all that really know what they're doing!

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