Medication for new flock?

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    After being out of chickens for about 30 years, I have recently gotten back into having a small flock of about 30 birds. Since getting back into chickens, I did not realize how much information and forums there are out there for fanciers like us. One of the things that I notice that has surprised me that 30 years ago was never an issue and that is all the medication that are out there. In looking at some of the various websites and blogs, I am amazed that so many poultry folks keep a large number of different kinds of medication and supplements on hand to treat their flocks with. I tried think back 30 years and I cannot remember a time whenever I I was ever concerned about keeping a list of medications on hand. I had healthy birds and all I did was to give them good feed and clean water. I had healthy birds and was a winner of many poultry shows as a result of maintaining a healthy flock. What I am asking here is this the new norm? Does it take all of these chemicals now to have a healthy flock? I certainly hope not. I would appreciate some feedback from you experienced keepers.
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    I have yet to medicate my flock.
    I have had a hen have an egg break inside her, but I got the shells out & she was soon back to normal.
    I had one act lethargic, so I isolated her, kept her warm & fed her some foods high in vitamins A, K, & E. I also put some vitamins in her water. She was back with the flock in a few days.
    I find keeping a clean coop, feeders & waterers, providing fresh, clean feed & water and preventing birds & rodents/small animals from getting into my chicken area to be a good offense against disease & other potential problems. And always watch for behavioral changes in your birds.
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