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    I just received over a hundred free MEDIUM egg-sized Styrofoam cartons from a local C-store that serves breakfast. Most of my hens lay in the upwards towards the Jumbo size range (have trouble closing "large egg" cartons on a daily basis, they're not double yolkers or anything unusual). My father in law picked them up for me on a whim, coz ya know he thinks all egg cartons are the same size. Since they won't be a lot of good to me I figured I'd offer them up on here.

    I really don't need anything for them, just money for shipping, depending on how many you want. Send me a PM and we can work something out! [​IMG]

    ETA: the whole stack is near 4lbs (amazing huh?) on my kitchen scale (I counted about 116 cartons) yes that's my kitchen sink in the pic. Shipping for that many is around $9ish and I'd have to find a big enough box. Of course you don't have to take them all, just let me know what you need.

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  2. Tala

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    Found someone local to take them tonight. Saves hassle of shipping.
    However, I expect that I might get more (if I know my "junk collecting" FIL) so next time I'll ask him to bring a box too since he works in retail.

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