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Apr 16, 2015
I have a one year old Grey Game Stag named Buzzard. His name was made because when I got him at four weeks he looked just like a buzzard. He had all his body feathers but still lacked his head and upper neck ones. I was skeptical at first getting a game because of them being known as a more aggressive breed. But as he grew into a beautiful boy he was actually unusually friendly. As a matter of fact he acts more like a friendly dog then a chicken. He follows me around in and outside the home, walks on a chicken harness and leash, and even does some tricks on command like a dog. He loves riding in the truck when we go to places that allow pets and sits on my lap and stays without trying to get off. We are now working on a potty training regime that has actually proven to be working. He still of course has his accidents but he now will click when the time to poo comes around, allowing me adequate time to put him down to go. It's a work in progress and he's doing really well with it. Treat time is always fun because of the small stuff he will do like bounce on command and even strut on command. He recognizes my voice and will sit on my lap and try and have a conversation with me (we r still working on the language barrier lol). He is the best chicken I have ever owned by a long shot, even owning the traditional "friendly" breeds he has been far more interactive then them even with the same attention and bonding time. He has a long way to go with some behavior issues but he learns fast and is eager to please. He doesn't like it when I leave him alone in a room, if I go out of his line of sight he will crow and keep doing it until he one sees me, or two come and find me even to the bathroom when I let him in for some treats or play time. He is great and I just wanted to brag on him some cause he's truly a remarkable bird.

Here is a picture of him:


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