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    Sep 1, 2010
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    Well, this is what happened when I went to a ABA sanctioned show a couple of weeks ago. I was not going to get any chickens until spring. In spring I am going to get Orloffs again, so I was trying to be very very good!! Anyway, stupid me walks by the sale area and sees a beautiful Barred Rock pullet for sale for the astronomical price of 4 bucks. Yep $4.00. So I say "well gee for four bucks you cant go wrong and I'd be stupid not to get her!" So with this in mind, I go and get my hubby to show him the little hen. He says, "Well, since you really want to do this, I'd rather get a trio." "A trio!" said I. I was shocked! I thought he'd be like NO Chickens period! We are not ready for them yet and winter/snow will be here before you know it.
    So then he points to a trip of light cornish. (I liked the dark cornish trio, but hey! Im not one to look a gift trio in the beak!) So, then we proceed to find the owner of said trio and purchase said trio for $25 bucks. The gentleman who owned them has been breeding cornish for over 40 years and had a boat load in the show. He was trying to cut down his stock before winter.
    So, anywhoo, I was still in, love with the little Barrdie, so I conned my hubby into letting me get her. This was not a problem once he saw her price tag! Even he saw the logic in that!!
    So, we brought home our new feathered kids and I now have chickens for the first time in over three almost four years. While I was not looking for bantams or cornish or barred rocks, these little guys sure are adorable. I have to say that I might just add some more bantam barrdies to my spring flock! I almost forgot just how much I love the barries!
    It took me a week or so to name them, and after research on place of origin and dates of breed origin, I finally named my little guys. My hubby named the Cornish roo Edgar. He was going to be named Edgar wether I liked it or not, so it's a good thing I like the named Edgar. The Cornsih pullets are Emma and Violet. The Barrdie pullet I named Lavinia.
    Sooo, with out further ado here are the pics!







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    Ohhhhh, aren't they just too adorable for words????

    BANTAM Barred Rocks??? Wow... I'm gonna have to look for THOSE now, too!

    I love my LF BR, Betsy.

    And that's a great story, how you managed to come home with them, too!! Thanks for sharing it!
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    Very beautiful new girls, and boy! Congratulations on getting them, now no more chickens until spring! Just kidding, I've been telling myself that as well. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Wow, nice birds!
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    Pretty girls!!! [​IMG]

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