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Oklahoma Lightning

10 Years
Mar 3, 2009
Twin Oaks
I got to thinking today and I know that very bad but I signed up for the Christmas block swap and a idea crossed my weak mind.
Why don't we do a memory block swap. My grandson was killed in a car wreck 3 years ago tomorrow and my mom passed over Oct of last year. My dad November the year before.
I was thinking of a air plane and police car block for my grandson Riley. Some music notes,paint brush and IOOF estimable for my dad. Mom, needle a thread,painting and not sure what else maybe an angle.
We could do it for the last of Janurary when life slows down a little.
Would some of you like to do a block in memory of one of your love ones. Or we could all do a block or several block and put it in several small lap quilts
Then give the quits to St Judds for the children.
What do you all think about this idea.
Hope the anniversary tommorrow is filled with good memories

January would be a little less stressful time to work on something this special.

I lost my mother several years ago to cancer and could make some blocks in her honor.
Oh my yes! I am a new quilter, but if you want my help I would love to. If we are going St. Jude, I have two sons of my own to remember, a lovely little girl who passed last year who was our neighbor, and a sweet baby who was born and lost to a freind of mine. Please put me on the list to help. And pm me in January, becuase I will forget.

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