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    I caught the segment and I think they did say the Mensa Society's name originated with the Latin word for table, so you were both right! It's $40 to sit the test and I want to try it. I was tested as a kid and my IQ was 130, but my mother declined to enroll me in the gifted program [​IMG] Mostly because my sister and I qualified and my brother didn't, so didn't want him to get upset. Grrrr.
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    Quote:you sure 'bout that? [​IMG]

    lol i do suck at typing though [​IMG]
  3. Quote:frankly, the enrichment program (at least in florida) is a joke. you probably didn't miss much, if anything.

    as my kids tested and qualified for florida's gifted program, we pulled them out and homeschooled. they've performed significantly higher than our oldest two, whom we allowed florida state schools to play mucky muck with.

    my youngest, for example, has finished his schooling at 15, and is waiting to be allowed to "test out" at 16.

    oops! sorry, this wasn't meant to be a commercial for homeschooling! lol

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