Merging a new flock with a existing Rooster?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Str8, Jul 27, 2013.

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    Hello everyone!
    I am new to the chicken scene but jumped in head first. I started by purchasing some baby Orp Buffs from the local feed bin. I also picked up a existing flock of 2 year old RIR's. 9 Hens and 1 Roo. His name is Rusty. My Orp Buffs are 8 weeks old now and living is a separate coop connected to the larger coop. I am afraid I and going to have to meat out the 9 RIR Hens. One because of their age and another is because I do not think I am going to be able to merge the two flocks together. They are still producing about 4-6 eggs a day. Along with having 14 teenage Orp Buffs I also have 5 teenage Guineas that are in the coop with my Orps. They are getting along great I might add.
    My main question tonight is does anyone think I will be able to keep Rusty (My RIR Roo) and merge him with my Orp Buffs as the Head of Household without any casualties?
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    I was able to merge 3 flocks in one. What I did was when we free ranged we let them all out at once. 2 acres to sort it out but how their own coops. We have since joined all the coops and birds to 1 big happy family. Let the babies get to about the same size as others
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