Message to Egg Buyers.....What do you say?


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Sep 10, 2013
South Central Wisconsin
Hopefully you guys have some clever ideas for me and others selling some extra eggs. I know there have a been a few people who have commented in posts on little notes they put with their eggs when they have new buyers. For example, reasons to not wash the eggs, keep in fridge or on counter, etc.

I know that some of the posts were very clever and cute, but I never wrote anything down. A lot of these posts were just randomly put into other strings, so I can't seem to find anything in the search. I would love to hear what you either tell people or write on your notes/instructions.


I did so at first but I don't say or write anything now. The store eggs don't have instructions. If it's muddy out I have to wash some of the eggs and whether they're washed or not, the refrigeration won't hurt them.
I think the less information, the better. Some of your customers will have purchased farm eggs before.

Once when it was particularly hot, I thought that it was possible cell division may have begun in the occasional egg.
I made the mistake of telling one lady (who had weird thoughts about eggs in general) that if there was ever anything wrong with the eggs, that I would replace them. It was too hard to explain what I meant and she never bought eggs again.
Agrees with CC...less said, the better.
I do tell them that my eggs are not washed and stored on the counter and why...and say I hope you're OK with that.

Most my customers are friends or acquaintances anyway and have heard many a spiel on my chicken keeping thoughts and practices.
I don't sell my eggs right now. I give them to families that need extra help, or elders who need them.

I tell them I don't clean them unless they are dirty and for them to clean them before cracking them open. Had one Mom accuse me of giving them rotten eggs, because they were green colored. :gig When she came to the house I took her to the coop to show her the fresh laid eggs, she still didn't believe they were good. Needless to say she refused taking anymore eggs.
Where the carton says USDA GRADE A LARGE I use a sharpie to cross out the word large and write MED or however big they are. The only question anybody ever asked me was how long does an egg stay good.
I had a shellless egg last week and I thought it'd be funny to put it carton for an old lady that gets several dozen from me each week. Then I decided she might not think it was so funny and I removed it.
I would also like some cute ideas....a little note or rhyme that explains the bloom & that farm eggs don't need to be washed until use... If you have a card or something you include in your cartons...please share!!!!

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