Messed up leg


5 Years
Jul 4, 2014
To understand her story it takes a bit of reading. Meet our little chick born on April 27th. She had a rough start in life starting with her having seizures on day 3 of her life and then lasting about 4 days. She had them back to back. It broke my heart I did not think she would make it. But this little fighter made it and the seizures stopped. Then we had to deal with her having splayed legs. We fixed that problem with a easy brace made with a makeup sponge. Now I have another issue. I don't think it's splayed legs because her leg has never looked normal. The same leg that was splayed is now going forward and her leg meeting up with her body does not look right. Looks like a deformity or maybe her leg came out if socket ?? Please help me I have fought like crazy for this little girl and I'm worried she won't be able to walk.


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