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    My 2 yr old EE hen has a messy rear end. Lots of feces stuck to the feathers. She seems in good health otherwise, eating and drinking, not thin, and no sign of mites. I have separated her from the others and plan to deworm them all tomorrow.
    Two questions: what is the correct/best dewormer to use? There are a lot of threads on here about that, but I can't figure out a specific brand/product. Second question: do I need to keep her apart or is that unnecessary? Thanks in advance!
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    Many use safeguard as it kills round worms as well while other products don't. As for separating her you can to be on the safe side.may I also suggest using a probotic. It will add beneficial bacteria into the gut and help cure the dierhea. I use Probios probotic for chicks and adult birds alike and it's wonderful. I am so happy with this product. I never have dierhea in my birds now since using it. I discovered it a few years ago when my chick had pasty butt. It cured up the pasty butt and I never had that problem again! It adds good bacteria to the gut and when that good bacteria colonies it actually helps fight bad bacteria.i buy my probios online. You might want to give it a try to balance her system. Hope this helps. Best wishes.
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    Fenbendazole 10% which is in SafeGuard and Panacur wormers is very good, and gets most chicken worms except tapeworm. SafeGuard horse paste or Liquid Goat wormer are found in most farm stores. Dose is 1/2 3/4 ml per chickens and repeat in 10 days. Toss eggs for a total of 24 days. Valbazen (albendazole) is the best wormer on the market for chickens since it gets tapeworm, but it is more expensive, and tapeworm is not that common. It does show up in the droppings as little white specks. I have a couple of hens who get messy rearends from too fluffy of feathers or sticky droppings. I just trim off any extra fluff and break off or cut off any solid droppings. In warmer weather you could also give the bottoms a wash. Vent gleet is a messy rear with bald red patches, and a foul smelling oozing. It requires a probiotic and an antifungal cream such as Nustock or Mycostatin.

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