Metal nest box bottoms

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  1. Wendyba29

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    I have two sets of12 hole nest boxes that a neighbor got from the flea market for $25 each! They only came with 12 metal bottoms, what can I use for bottoms for the other 12? Does anyone know where I can order more of the metal ones?
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    Quote:If you can post a picture, that will give us a better Idea,


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    Nov 26, 2008
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    Cutler Pheanant and poultry Supply has nest bottems, but you can make them out thin ply-wood ,that's what I did. I was given a15 hole nest box and the floors where shot.
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  5. Wendyba29

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    Thanks for the great ideas!!
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    I bought some metal nest boxes at an auction. They have vinyl coated wire bottoms. Some were bent and in bad shape. I just used the green vinyl coated fencing to make more. Used one of the bottoms for a pattern. Seems safer than using the metal pieces.....
    Also if you are placing the nest boxes on the floor in barn you will not need any bottoms for the lower row. The floor will take care of that.
  7. Wendyba29

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    I did have them sitting on the floor but the mice were running rampant!! So we had to hang them.

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