Metro Atlanta, looking for blue/pink layer pullet


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Apr 30, 2015
Hello there! I am in north metro Atlanta area, and excited about starting my chicken experience. I have spent months researching, building, and preparing. When I first started I ordered four chicks from an online hatchery. They are due to be born in two weeks and I should receive them two days later.

I have spent the last 6 weeks building my upcycled coop and spacious run. So many questions that I had were answered on this forum, so I decided to join.

Knowing a little more now than I did when I ordered my chicks, I would have probably doubled my order just in case I lost a few. I can make a change to my order if I pay a fee, but I'd rather go ahead and get one or two pullets so that I have some eggs sooner.

I would like to find someone in the central to north Georgia area that has Easter Egger pullets for sale. I really really want a blue layer and maybe a pink, and hoping to find someone that has some for sale that have recently started laying.

The four chicks I'm expecting are, barred rock, rhoad island red, Easter egger, and welsummer.

Please if anyone fits the bill, give me a shout! Thanks so much!!
Or if someone knows any place that I can go to like a county fair or something to get one, let me know. I know there has to be gatherings where people sell their stock, I just don't know where or what it would be called.

Thanks again!
Might want to post your request on the "Yo Georgians" thread. A local member might be able to help you out.
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