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Discussion in 'Chicken Breeders & Hatcheries' started by thekid, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. thekid

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    Ok so a lot of people are always saying, " I got chicks from MPC" or " Im going to order from MPC". Well the only thing that MPC is good for is sexed bantams and juvenile chickens. You can get all the standard breeds of chickens from Meyer. That is my word on it so save yourself a couple of dollars! - Brian
  2. serendipity22

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    Jul 1, 2007
    I thoroughly enjoy My Pet Chicken because of their knowledgeable staff and website that is always there to help me.

    If buying my chicks from MPC helps pay for the company to be there for me when I need them, then that's where I'll get my chicks from.

    I compare it to someone going to a local book store and talking with someone there that knows lots and lots. Then walking out of the store and taking that information they got from the other place to save themselves $5 at a huge chain store...
  3. Oobhakeb

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    Dec 9, 2010
    Lancaster, Kentucky
    I bought mine from Meyer. I tought they were very helpful. They also have a GREAT selection of not only chickens but other fowl. Not to mention the 3 chick minimum order. <what first attracted me to them when I was thinking of only having 3-4 hens......ordered 16 instead because of the selection. So HARD to choose![​IMG]
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    got all my chickens from MPC. Good chickens, but not good for show. all hatchery quality
  5. thekid

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    Quote:Like I said MPC gets their birds from Meyer
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    Jul 9, 2010
    I really like the chickens I got from my pet chicken. Not all of them are show quality, but they are all extremely pretty birds... They also have a very good minimum at 3 chicks, and you can get those three in a variety of breeds. The only problem I had was that they ran out of Mille Fleur hens, so they instead gave me a Black Copper Marans. My pet chicken is a really great place to buy birds (especially if you are looking at getting a small flock).
  7. gryeyes

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    I've purchased chicks and goslings from Ideal Poultry, and the colorful layer special from MPC. I am very happy with BOTH sources. Customer service for both is wonderful. Chicks are thriving (only had a couple not survive, but that's no different than when I hatch 'em).

    I have no desire to show my birds. I know they are "pet quality." that's what I want 'em for, anyway.... Pets with benefits: bug catchers, fertilizers, layers, with funny little personalities.
  8. PrettyCoy

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    Mar 9, 2011
    The benefits of MPC are that people who live in urban/suburban areas can order small numbers and order only pullets. For people in that market MPC provides a valuable (if costly) service.
  9. CarolJ

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    Jun 3, 2011
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    If MPC gets their stock from Meyer - and since Meyer also has a 3 chick minimum, it makes sense (for me!) to cut out the middleman and order directly from Meyer. I placed an order with Meyer a few weeks ago - and have called a couple times since then asking questions - and called this morning to change the order. Customer service has been wonderful - friendly, helpful, efficient and knowledgeable. I won't receive my chicks for another three weeks, but since the weather will be cooler then, I anticipate that the chicks will arrive in good condition. I don't plan on breeding or showing - just looking for healthy and pretty layers. So far - I have only good things to say about Meyer.
  10. teach1rusl

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    I know MPC works through Meyer (watch their video and toward the end you'll even see a shelf with a paper MPC sign taped to it). Oddly enough though, they do sometimes have different availability dates, and then of course there's the bantam sexing, which I really appreciate. When I first began ordering from MPC, Meyer did not offer the small orders. Now, I have a relationship with MPC, so will stick with them. It's more than just about money to me (obviously, else I'd just pick up a few chicks off of CL for a few bucks each)'s about history and comfort in relationships.

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