Meyer Hatchery Assortment What are these two bllue girls


10 Years
Mar 18, 2012
In March I had a broody Jersey Giant so ordered 15 assorted chicks from Meyer some "rare breeds" some not. In it were 3 blue pullets. I had taken screen shots of the breeds ready to ship on the day of my order to help me ID what I had received and by process of elimation I have done that except for these. These arrived without legbands and the only BBS breeds avail that day that weren't supposed to be banded were Andalusians and Cochins. These are neither. They also are not the same breed.

Pullet 1 (first and third pic) is a pretty girl pictured next to an Andalusian that is almost a year old. The Andalusian has a slight, Leghornish body and tail and you can see that even at 3.5 mos the blue girl is already almost as tall and significantly beefier. In addition she has some lacing on her breast and like two feathers on her right foot as you can sort of see in the 3rd pic.

Pullet 2 is lovely and has the same shape and size as Pullet One. You can see she has the lighter blue feathers on her body and a darker head whereas pullet one has the darker feathers everywhere but on her breast and lower half. Pullet 2 has no leg feathers and also lacks the markings on her breast.

I am thinking maybe #1 is maybe a Marans and #2 is maybe a PR but those were supposed to come banded and I am not experienced with those breeds so any help is appreciated. Thanks


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I also see Olive Eggers. When a hatchery has "breeds ready to ship" that really doesn't correlate with what you're going to receive in an assortment. Hatcheries always overhatch to make sure they fulfill all orders so you could get chicks from any listed breed! :)

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