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Jan 4, 2008
I know a few people on here knew about what happened, so thought I'd share this... CP from NCP.

(For those of you who don't know, but wonder... Michaela's six years old and had her appendix burst nearly two weeks ago now. She was home for a week, we thought with the flu. Same stomach flu going around the school. Low grade fever, stomach pain! We didn't take her in for six days because that is what we thought. Her teacher had just been out with it the week before! So needless to say, she came awfully close to dying because of the amount of infection in her system before we got her to the hospital. She's 'ok' now. We watch her like a hawk because they are not able to remove the appendix for another 6-8 weeks and she could become reinfected.... There, updated!)

CP from NCP2:

Just thought I'd send a pic of Michaela, Mckenzie and the Easter
bunny at the hospital from a couple days before she got released.
They have an awesome program out of our Portsmouth Naval hosp. that
has a guy working there just to comfort the kids! His name is Chris
and this guy puts out a LOT of his time and energy on this program.
Before he came to our hosp., it didn't have nearly the toys and
exciting things there for the kids that it does now. He also will
take the kids on a 'walk thru' of the operating room and put a mask
on their faces to help show them what to expect and that it won't be
as scarey as they thought it would be. He also was with my daughter
getting her to smile when she was sooo afraid to have her IV needle
moved to her other arm a few days from being released. He even
brings up paint to paint with the kids that do well during any
procedure, no matter how big or small! He's truely an awesome
They brought this 'Easter Bunny' in and gave them baskets (both!)
full of fun stuff to do. Michaela is the blonde in the photo in the
middle of the bed.


Both girls are so sweet!! Glad to her Michaela is feeling better and that the infection stays away so that her appendix can be removed with no problems. Sending lots of prayers your way and hope you all have a great Easter!!

What a cutie. I'm glad she is doing well. Its people like Chris that make it bearable when you are going through such hard times.
Thanks everyone.
I know she looks a little pale and thin there...she hadn't eaten in two full weeks at that point, but she's gaining the weight back and the color! We're letting her eat what we can as much as she can. I don't normally promote junk food, etc. that much... but I'm afraid she'll fall sick again before it comes out and I want her to have some of that weight back.

Chris is awesome! His wife was in the hospital herself (a diff. one because he's not actually military) with blood clots in her legs...and yet this guy...he STAYED with my daughters to paint after his work hours were over... because she did well with her IV and he made a promise.

Sometimes you run across people that hurt your feelings with a look, an action.... an inaction...Could probably run across those every day. It seems like it's awfully hard to run across someone like Chris every day, someone that can just make you feel good because he exists!

He's got lots of plans to help the hosp. more and is hoping the military will put more money towards his program. I do too. Mike and I (my husband) are going to figure out what we can do to donate even just something here and there when we can to the kids' play room area. There's a couple of cancer patients in there that have to have the play room quarantined off so they can go play for a while. I know how bored mine got after one week.

First of all I want you to know how happy I am to hear that Michaela is better. Prayers are going up for you and your family. Thanksgiving prayers for Chris, too! He sounds like a sincere Christian person, and the world could never have too many of those! God bless you all. Hope you have a Happy Easter.
Poor little thing!!! What is the reason they have to wait to take it out? How scary!! I will be praying for her and keeping her in my thoughts.
Chris needs a Medal!

We had a man when I was in the hospital that would do things like that too.
They had the nerve to take me out of Lassie to do an IV! But he'd come and talk and just be with the kids...
I still have a pic of him somewhere with me.

Prayers on the wee ones.
They can't take it out because of the amount of infection that was in her pelvis. When her appendix ruptured, the infection kept building up inside the pelvic area and basically injured all of the things around it, her colon, her intestines, her bladder, etc. Those now have lesions, swelling and stuff like that going on with them. They are wanting to give all that stuff in there time to heal before putting her through the operation. There is a chance of reinfection in between though, but apparently it's one worth taking compared to trying to let the rest of the stuff inside of her heal.

They drained more than 60 cc's of infection from her through a tube and she was on heavy antibiotics for a week and is still on regular antibiotics here at home for 10 days.

I wish it didn't have to wait so long either, but since I don't have my medical degree
I'll have to go by what they say.

Thanks to everyone again for your prayers for Michaela. She's a great little girl and a good "chicken wrangler" as we call her here.
She's good at catching the lil' buggers.


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