"micro" mini piglet NE Ohio


13 Years
Dec 10, 2007
Middlefield Ohio
Hate to use the word "micro" but its what people call them.

This guy is a 9 week old miniature mulefoot piglet boar. They are a mini pig, not a true potbelly. They have very long snouts and better proportions. Very small in stature, at over 2 years of age the mother is about 40 pounds and the dad is about 50. They are the size of a cocker spaniel dog.
I paid alot more for the parents, so this is a real good price for a boy this size. I want to charge less so the new owner can put that money towards neuter if they want a housepet. The littermate was purchased by a petting zoo and she already dunks basketballs, plays piano and soccer!


Too cute, love pigs but I think that would push the neighbors over the edge, I already have my renegade chickens.

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