Might As Well NAME the Boy! Sheesh!


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This blue Orpington cockerel, quite possibly the last son of Suede ever, has been up for rehoming for weeks. He is now going on 12 weeks old and no takers. Can't keep calling him "Hey, blue boy!" so we're going to give him a name so he can learn it. Problem is, we're stuck. Prefer one or two-syllable names, but all the "blue" names just don't seem right for his light coloring, so what does the boy look like to you? His dad is Suede, mom is Smoky, aunt is Dusty.

Could call him Skye and spell it that way to sort of take after his beautiful dad. Upon consideration he also has the colors of a storm rolling in. Perhaps Stormy?
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One of Suede's women was named Skye. She died a few months ago, so I think it's too soon to use that one, but not a bad suggestion! Remember the TV series character Sky King? Boy, was that a million years ago! He was a pilot. crazyhen has one of Suede's sons already named Stormy, too. See? I'm running out of blue options! Something that is easy to yell would be good. I'm forever yelling, "Suede! Ike! Stop it!".

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