Might be loosing another one of my B.O girls


11 Years
May 8, 2008
to the same thing I just lost Olivia too. This time it is Audrey.
4 year old hen
comb and wattles still red
still interested in life around her


symptom(s) that have me concerned?

totally mess of a butt. no more fluffy butt. runny watery stools
She seems gassy(?) she is pecking/ cleaning her own butt area but when she does it sounds like she is passing gas.

The flock is being wormed. I cleaned the coop after loosing Olivia just last weekend
No one else has a messy butt.. yet

I have brought her into the house to isolate her and keep her warm/dry

It has been wet and colder than our "normal" spring so far here in the North East.

Audrey is my fave girl. She is the pushy go getter. Always has been
I just dont want to loose my girls to what ever this might be.
I al;so have a new group of chicks coming mid June from MPC and cant risk them either.

This is the hard part of having pets

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